The venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) industry is poised to become a vibrant contributor to the nation’s economy. India continues to be an attractive destination for venture capital and private equity investments primarily due to measures being taken to further liberalize the economy thereby providing a boost to investments and setting up start-ups. We have a dedicated transactional team that holds a proven track record in advising clients, ranging from domestic and international VC and PE funds of considerable repute and investee companies, whether seed-of-an-idea innovator or major corporations from different verticals. We have an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the applicable legal regime as well as the VC-PE industry and functioning of start-ups with deep insights in the e-commerce sector. We are adept at handling complex private equity transactions in which we provide strategic advice to our clients.

Our immense industry knowledge across various sectors and experiences help clients in getting valuable strategic inputs that go a long way in succeeding the transaction and achieving the strategic and commercial considerations of the clients. We have had the opportunity to advise both investors including VC and PE investment funds as well as promoters and companies, thereby enabling us to present the interests of all parties from a legal-regulatory and strategic perspective and to successfully negotiate and close the investment transactions in the best interest of all parties. On such transactions we assist our clients with:

  • Efficient structuring of the investment mechanisms in view of the prevailing laws, regulations and other market practices.

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of term sheets.

  • Comprehensive and issue based legal and corporate due diligence on target companies in light of industry specifications across various sectors and respective state legislations for the purpose of legal risk assessment and recommending effective ways to mitigate the same.

  • Legal and regulatory requirements and assistance in seeking requisite approvals and making representations before the regulatory authorities such as RBI, SEBI, etc.

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of transaction documents including share subscription agreement, shareholders’ agreements, share purchase agreements, intellectual property assignment agreements, employment agreements, charter documents and such other ancillary documents.

  • With preparation of ancillary documents pertaining to transactions such as disclosure schedule, compliance with conditions precedent and assistance towards closing and post-closing activities.