The importance of Intellectual Property (IP) rights has been growing in India with the Indian industries transitioning from domestic markets and becoming global competitors. It is essential that companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators consider developing mechanisms to protect and manage their IP to ensure the survival and growth of their businesses worldwide. We have developed a strong expertise in devising strategies for our clients in respect of enforcing their IP rights and drafting and negotiating a range of IP related documentation including copyright/trademark assignment and license agreements.

We also focus on registration of various IPs such as trademarks, copyrights and patents and assist our clients in ascertaining and determining the patentability of their products and counselling on designing of products as well as represent them in various fora in respect of enforcement or infringement of IPs. We work closely with clients by advising them on the following:

  • Comprehensive IP strategies to protect clients core & ancillary IP including enforcing patents and trademarks, counseling clients on licensing to others/ acquiring licenses.

  • Classifying products as patent and/or copyright intellectual property, or as a trade secret, conducting trademark, patent and copyright searches, counseling on ways to design products around existing patents to avoid infringement.

  • Pitfalls associated with premature publication or disclosure of their ideas or inventions.

  • Applying for registration of trademarks, follow up, prosecuting registration applications in respect of copyrights, designs, trademarks and patents.

  • Defending (for and against) trademark and patent infringement claims including cease and desist, reply notices, handling all types of litigation both civil and criminal before the Courts for Infringement Suits and Criminal remedies for infringement.

  • Determining whether an invention is indeed new and patentable (patentability), drafting patent specifications relating to a wide array of technologies, filing for national and international patent registration.

  • Patent operation treaty applications and their prosecution.

  • Coordinating with international law firms in procedural aspects of IP registration processes worldwide.

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating diverse range of intellectual property agreements and non-disclosure agreements, etc.

  • Representation in IP infringement and passing-off actions.